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TEDx Oxford Keynote Amanda Prorok

ICRA 2023 Keynote Amanda Prorok
(starts 32 minutes in)

Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Reinforcement Learning

VMAS: A Vectorized Multi-Agent Simulator for Collective Robot Learning

GNN-based Policlies for Multi-Robot Systems

GNNs for Multi-Agent Path Planning

Thinking Digital Conference 2023 -How self-driving vehicles would actually work

Modelling Aggregate Downwash Forces for Dense Multirotor Flight

Explanation-Aware Experience Replay in Rule-Dense Environments

Adversarial Communication in Multi-Agent RL

G2RL for Path Planning

Mixed-Reality RL for Multi-Vehicle Driving

Docking Multirotors in Close Proximity Using Learnt Downwash Models

Fleet of Mini Cars for Cooperative Driving

An internet of Robots and Things

Control of a Heterogeneous Robot Swarm

Solving the Traffic Problem


[Robotics Today] Learning to Communicate

[CoRL 2020] Adversarial Comms in Multi-Agent RL

[AAMAS 2020] Multi-Vehicle Mixed-Reality Sim2Real

Amanda Prorok Machine Learning for Multi Robot and Multi Agent Problems

[AAMAS 2020] Explainable Path Deconfliction

[ICRA 2020] Prioritized Path Planning

[IROS 2020] GNNs for Decentralized Path Planning

[ICRA 2020] Private Flocking