Apr 27

ICRA 2023 Workshop on Multi-Robot Learning

Amanda Prorok will be co-hosting a Multi-Robot Learning workshop at ICRA 2023 in London on Monday 29th May.  In this workshop, the aim is to bring together multi-robot, multi-agent, and machine learning researchers with varying theoretical foci (e.g., motion planning, game theory, POMDPs) who are applying a broad range of learning paradigms (e.g., reinforcement learning, imitation learning, federated learning, graph neural networks). The aim is to foster interaction and facilitate the communication of new insights. The program will consist of invited talks, spotlight presentations, a poster session, and a round-table discussion, allowing ample time for discussion.

Confirmed speakers include Prof. Marc Toussaint (TU Berlin), Prof. Soon-Jo Chung (Caltech), Prof. Chris Amato (Northeastern), Prof. Angela Schoellig (Technical University of Munich) and Prof. Michael Everett (Northeastern).

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