Mar 16

Pilkington Prize Winner

Dr Amanda Prorok is delighted to be one of Cambridge University’s twelve Pilkington Prize winners this year, recognizing outstanding teaching.

The 2022 winners were announced today.

Dr Prorok was nominated for single-handedly introducing an entirely new programme of robotics teaching in the Department of Computer Science and Technology when she joined in 2017.

Her citation says: “Her robotics courses are highly innovative both in their content and in their delivery, combining advanced theoretical concepts with practical components that enable the students to put theories into action and apply them to real mini-robot systems. The advanced topics that Amanda teaches include approaches to coordinating artificially intelligent agents (e.g. robots, vehicles, machines) to achieve common goals in shared physical and virtual spaces.”

It adds: “She has recently started collaborating with colleagues in Engineering to create modules in robotics which are genuinely shared between the departments, as opposed to simply being borrowed. In addition to advanced undergraduate and Master’s modules, Amanda has also co-taught a foundational computer science course to first-year undergraduates (Computer Science and Natural Sciences Triposes) and supervised around twenty Master’s and third-year undergraduate projects over the last three years.

“Her teaching is exemplary throughout, and is much admired by her colleagues as well as greatly appreciated by her students.”

Dr Prorok and her 2022 Pilkington Prize recipients will be presented with their awards at a ceremony in June.

Dr Amanda Prorok Pilkington Prize winner for excellence in teaching